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The creative industry and cobbler’s children syndrome


Yesterday, Swissmiss (aka Tina Roth Eisenberg) posted this excerpt from a paper What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial?  The mark-ups are by John Maeda. It’s an interesting read, though I always look at these theoretical papers as a gut-check, process-check, viewpoint-check. If you’re not already an entrepreneur, don’t expect theory to teach you how.

Anyway, John Maeda is one of the few people out there who are doing a great job of explaining why design is so important. Important to culture, yes, but more importantly, important to business. Admittedly, his area of focus is the impact on the tech sector, which does facilitate a clearer link between design thinking > execution > growth. And the flexibility of being able to design on the fly.

But the old guard – the design and advertising firms, and even the more entrenched digital firms – continue to play the “you must hire us because we’re the expert, let US take it behind the curtain and we’ll return it to you polished and ready to go” game. IDEO has done a great job of backing up the bus a bit to the beginning (and successfully branding “design thinking“), it still blows my mind that the rest of the creative industry clutches the same dying model.


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